HgCdTe photodiode detector products

Model KQV204-0.25-J-3-4SMA
MCT Quadrant Photodiode Array


Model KQV204 series is a MCT quadrant detector array with wide electrical bandwidth and cutoff wavelength greater than 11 um. The photovoltaic detectors respond in the 2 um to 11 umspectral range. The detector element size is 0.25 mm x 0.25 mm. [ also 0.5mm] Physical spacing between elements is 37 um, optical spacing is less. The D*(peak,50kHz) is greater than 3 x 1010 Jones. The side looking LN2 pour filled dewar has a 10 hour hold time. The outputs are 4 SMA connectors.

Options include ZnSe AR coated windows for 2 to 12 um or 10.6 um.

The KQV204 is designed for applications requiring better performance than photoconductive MCT. These are applications which require bandwidth greater than the 1 MHz of photoconductive MCT detectors or greater linear dynamic range at high photon flux levels.


The KQV204 is designed to be used in systems and instruments which require a very sensitive, linear, high speed detectors:
  • Laser Radar
  • Range Finders
  • Trace gas spectroscopy
  • Tracking
  • Chemical aerosols detection
  • Positions sensing

Performance Specifications

Size(mm x mm) 0.1 or 0.25 or 0.5
Quantum Efficiency >50 %
Wavelength cutoff >11 um
Bandwidth DC to 100 MHz [0.1mm & 0.25mm size]
FOV 60 degrees
D*(pk,50kHz,60,1) >3 x 1010 Jones
Responsivity(output) > 4 A/W

29 Aug 2005

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