MCT photoconductive detector products

Model KMPC12-1-J1
MCT photoconductor/ preamplifier


Model KMPC12-1-J1 series is MCT photoconductive infrared detector /preamplifier with cutoff wavelength greater than 12 um, 14 um, 16 um, 18 um or 22um. The MCT photoconductive detector is coupled to an internal 20Hz to 1 MHz bandwidth amplifier, with BNC output. Detector active areas range from 0.05 to 4mm. The side looking LN2 pour filled Dewar has a 12 hour hold time.

Detector to preamplifier connections are inside the Dewar, minimizing electrical pick up and simplifying system integration. This low noise preamplifier is matched to the detector characteristics and provides optimum bias voltage to the detector. The only connections required are to the preamplfiear signal output and preamplifier power.

[Spectral Response Data-- Relative Volts/Watt vs. microns (20kb )]


The KMPC12-1-J1 is designed for use in systems and instruments which require a very sensitive, high responsivity detector/preamplifier:

  • Infrared spectroscopy
  • Thermal imaging
  • FTIR
  • Tunable diode laser detector
  • Chemical aerosols detection
  • General Purpose Laboratory Use

Performance Specifications

SIZE (mmxmm)0.05 to 4
Spectral Responsivity 5x 103 Volts/Watt
Wavelength peak 12 um +/-1um
Time Constant 0.5 usec
FOV 60 deg full angle
D*(10kHz) 3x1010 Jones nom
Window ZnSe
Hold time LN2 12 hours
Dewar Style J (standard)
Gain 40dB
Noise Figure 1.5dB
Bandwidth 20Hz to 1MHz
Output Level 1Volt P-P Max
Power +/-15Volts
Connector BNC

31 Aug 2005

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