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Model KMPV11-1-J1
MCT photodiode/Preamplifier


Model KMPV11-1-J1 series is an integrated high frequency infrared detector/preamplifier sensor with cutoff wavelength greater than 11um. The MCT photovoltaic detector is coupled to an internal DC to 20 MHz bandwidth transimpedance amplifier. The output can be ordered either as DC or AC. Detector size is 1mm x 1mm. The broadband D* is greater than 1 x 1010 Jones. The side looking LN2 pour filled dewar has a 12 hour hold time.

Window options include ZnSe antireflection coated 2um to 12um[standard], or for 10.6um; ZnSe wedge disk windows, uncoated; or antireflection coated Germanium 2.1um to 14um.

Cold filters are optional but can be added easily. These can be narrow band, band pass, long pass, or low pass. Sometimes a combination of long pass and the detectors natural cutoff can define the band pass. The cold stop or field of view (FOV) is 60 degrees[standard].

For 20MHz bandwidth operation, the 1mmx1mm is the maximum size. Smaller sizes can be used. The the bandwidth is determined the the RC time constnat of the detector capacitance, which is area dependent, and the detector series resistance. The smallest size is to 0.05mm x 0.05mm.

Cuttoff wavelength of 11um is standard, but other wavlengths are available -- 8um, 4.5um, 12um.


The KMPV11 is designed to be used in systems and instruments which require a very sensitive, linear, high speed detector and preamplifier:

  • Laser Radar
  • Range Finders
  • FTIR
  • TRS
  • Chemical aerosols detection

Performance Specifications

Size(mmxmm) 1.0, 0.5,0.25, 0.2,0.15,
Quantum Efficiency >50%
Wavelength cutoff >11.5 um
Bandwidth DC to 20MHz
100Hz to 20MHz
FOV 60 degrees full angle
D*(peak,10kHz,60,1) 3x1010 Jones nom.
> 40,000 V/Watt
Power+12V,-12V or

6 Aug 2005

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